IBM Watson Build Challenge. Pixelabs.

IBM Watson Build Challenge.

Business challenge: To create an AI offering designed to help egg farms in Spain streamline a labor-intensive process, Pixelabs needed sophisticated object recognition technology and a supportive ecosystem.   Transformation: Participating in the Watson Build challenge, IBM Business Partner Pixelabs created a prototype designed to transform a time-consuming process for Spain’s egg farmers. Using an IBM® Watson® model trained to analyze images, the startup will launch an AI offering to help improve the speed and accuracy of cracked-egg detection while also driving down costs.   About Deteggtor: Deteggtor is solution to detect broken eggs. Egg farms process, package and sell hundreds of eggs per day on a daily basis. One of their main concerns about quality and food safety are based on cracked egg detection. Based on that we propose to take advantage of Watson Visual Recognition in order to help these farms to make sure they are complying with the industry regulations. After a long investigation process, we came up with a system capable to outperform current employees in this task. This way,...

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IBM - Pixelabs Webinar

IBM Watson – Pixelabs Webinar.

  In this Webinar, Javier Villarreal will briefly present the solutions that IBM has for the food sector. Pixelabs will explain several cases studies they have developed for the sector, using IBM Watson Visual Recognition and IBM Cloud Services. We will discover, for example, how to use artificial vision to ensure that the entire packaged product is correct, and discard it in case of failure. Also, we will talk about our prototype Deteggtor: an innovative tool to transform a labor-intensive process for egg farms.  It has been a great opportunity to take part in this session. And both Javier and Ángeles Carmona helped us to make it possible.  Computer Vision Applied to Food Sector (Visión Artificial aplicada al sector agroalimentario)   [caption id="attachment_3931" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] IBM - Pixelabs Webinar. Making AI Easy.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3930" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] IBM - Pixelabs Webinar. Javier Villareal, Mario Conejos, Ángeles Carmona y Carlos Sangüesa.[/caption]...

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