Multi-sectoral approach.

We work in different sectors, from sports, media, logistics and industry, to health, entertainment, retail, transport and security. If you need a specific solution, do not hesitate to let us know.

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Pixelabs Media 2020


AI tools for marketing and the media industry to make advertising more effective.

Pixelabs Sports 2020


Evaluation and measurement of brand and sponsorship impact.

Pixelabs Entertainment 2020


Interactive applications enhanced with computer vision or NLP to engage customers.

Pixelabs Healthcare 2020


Reliable solutions based on computer vision and deep learning to help daily routines in the healthcare sector.

Pixelabs Retail 2020


Digital transformation for a competitive market.

Pixelabs Logistics 2020


AI for maximizing your operational efficiency.

Pixelabs Industry 2020


Add a sixth sense to your automatized system thanks to computer vision and deep learning.

Pixelabs Transport & Security 2020

Transport & Security

Smart security to make smart decisions.

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