Premio Mercurio Innovación – Award.

On June 28th we received the Premio Mercurio Innovación Award. La Rioja’s Marketing Club presented this award in a gala with more than 200 guests. As a company that works on innovation day by day, we are very happy to have been awarded. It’s a reason to celebrate and an impulse to handle new challenges.

El Club de Marketing La Rioja is an association of businessmen and executives with more than 40 years of history, a benchmark in La Rioja. More than 500 companies currently belong to the club.

Our relationship with La Rioja is very special: we have an office located in Logroño and one of our co-founders is from there. We are very happy to be part of this community, not only because of our partnerships with other companies but also because we have the chance to contribute with our technology to the digital transformation of the companies in the region.

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Manu, Carlos. Pixelabs' Founders

Manu, Carlos. Pixelabs’ Founders

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