Pixelabs is attending GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.

Madrid 18 October 2021


Pixelabs is attending GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.

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This is a unique opportunity to strengthen our vision of the global market, as well as to come back from this interesting event with potential partners and clients. We are looking forward to a week full of events, conferences, and meetings at the highest level.




GITEX is one of the most important trade fairs in the UAE in the field of technology, electronics, and innovation. GITEX will bring together the most cutting-edge companies in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data, or 5G among many other new technologies.

You can check the official agenda and tracks of the event on its official website.

Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, or BitDefender are among many other exhibitors worldwide and from more than 29 countries.  We will be among the best exhibitors discovering new opportunities and new ways to innovate.







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