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➔ SyBA

System for Branding Impact Assessment

SyBA (System for Branding Impact Assessment) is the brand detection and advertising impact measurement platform. SyBA is excellent software for detecting brands, objects and extracting data that you can visualize in a fluid way in the form of graphs and statistics, export them to excel format or generate automatic reports along with all your multimedia content.

SyBA. Request a demo.

➔ DataMatic

Web-based Document Digitization Platform.

DataMatic is our product for digitizing and extracting data from structured and unstructured documents automatically thanks to its AI engine. This product can work with documents of different nature and store each of the extracted data in an optimal way.

DataMatic, more info.

➔ Natural Language Processing

Rank and categorize any spoken content or written text.

Is our solution for companies that need to combine their natural language processing workflows to extract, categorize and rank qualitative or quantitative information from any spoken or written text.

NLP Solution, more info.

➔ Occupancy Control & Management

Our plug & play camera to monitor spaces.

Easy-to-use camera to monitor spaces, count the number of people in and out or measure space occupation. It has a simple control panel that allows you to configure the access management, ideal for managers and/or security personnel.

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