Corporate Responsibility


We believe that communication, collaborative work, and creativity are the best tools to accomplish new challenges.


Our international clients come from different backgrounds and have a diverse range of business models. We like to work close to them, collaboratively, to help them achieve their goals.


Artificial Intelligence is becoming a fundamental keystone for every business. We work side by side with our clients helping them to handle the complex technological issues.


In Pixelabs we believe in approaching all aspects of our business project, and not only from its most practical side but also in-depth from the most ethical and responsible side, taking into account all stakeholders, integrating everything within the framework of development and social dimension, equity and environmental improvement.


Corporate Social Responsibility is present in all areas of the company’s activities, promoting good practices, as well as consolidating a competitive and respectful business strategy. Despite the limitations that may exist when it comes to applying CSR in all areas, we always tend to integrate all of our cultural DNA as an innovative and agile company together with our values and code of conduct in each of our actions, from the smallest and in-situ, to the largest when working with clients and partners in large projects.


Inclusive culture & equity

We are committed to creating a safe, healthy and professional workspace where all employees and team members can perform their duties to achieve the highest possible performance. Our workspace is inclusive and respectful, where all our professionals can share ideas and feel integrated.

Innovation, teamwork, ambition and honesty are part of our internal motto and part of the engine of the set of values on which our policies are based.


To make them effective, Pixelabs has a “Code of conduct and business ethics” available to all the team and new incorporations. Thus, it is essential that all the people who are part of the team, respect and make these values their own in order to keep promoting and creating an integral corporate culture.


Citizens, private companies, governments, public and non-profit institutions have a decisive role in ensuring sustainable growth and improvement in the management of all-natural resources to ensure the challenge of continuing to work with environmental programs.

We follow several texts and reports published from to be appropriate to possible changes in global and local policies, of which we could highlight two that can be found within the general framework of environmental policies of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge: “White Paper on Environmental Education in Spain” and “Guide for the European Strategy for Sustainable Development”. Also, we follow the measures and solutions offered to companies from Ecoembes, a world reference in packaging recycling and circular economy.

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