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Featured & selected projects

We are working with Henkel improving their workflow when it comes to seal automation and internal labelling control for its products.

We’re reshaping new ways to measure and track sponsors’ exposure and advertising in MotoGP™ and FIM CEV Repsol applying computer vision and deep learning.

Applying artificial intelligence, we’re creating an innovative way to recycle with a powerful social impact.

We measured the sponsorship using our awarded product SyBA. We gathered all the raw data and charts for the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council.

Pixelabs' latest technologies

AI powered business transformation

Since our foundation, until today we have been growing in services and developing different products, in line with the evolution of technology and our clients’ business challenges. We rely on our talent and expertise, as well as on different partners that complement our value chain. 

This has allowed us to successfully apply artificial vision solutions, deep learning, machine learning, and data science in different projects such as digitization, automation, or brand tracking using computer vision.

  • We provide valuable data to clients across the globe to support their key business decisions.
  • Intelligent interactions with our applications.
  • Transforming businesses with innovative tools.
  • Bringing measurable value to our clients.

Our fav technologies.

Machine Learning:

Within the field of data analytics, we use machine learning to create complex models and algorithms with the capacity to build their own logic based on the data. These analytical models allow us to make predictions, discover hidden insights, patterns and trends in the data.

Deep Learning:

As part of machine learning we apply deep learning architectures such as deep neural networks and recurrent neural networks to fit our client’s needs. Computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing and audio recognition are some of our solutions.

Computer Vision:

Computer vision helps us to acquire, process, analyze and understand images and extract high-dimensional data from the real world as a human being.

Data Science:

Data Science and big data includes data sets impossible to manage and process within a tolerable elapsed time in commonly used software tools. Machine learning models learn from the essential big data set’s inputs.

Services & Products



Take advantage of all the benefits offered by the on-demand software. Access all your information anywhere and implement your workflow immediately with intuitive tools. A simple way to have everything you need all in a single glance. Just focus on your business goals and results.

APIs & Software Integration


Achieve maximum profitability by building powerful solutions connected through APIs and microservices to optimize the operation and connectivity of different applications for your company or third parties. The integration of our custom APIs with existing or customized software accelerates and optimizes your portfolio. 

Custom Software


Do you have a specific need? Ask us about a tailored software solution and stay up to date with all your projects and make it easy for your employees or clients. We built scalable software that improves your business’s key factors. Transform your operations and solve objectives with a comprehensive tool.  

Looking for more?

These are our main products and services. If you need a specific solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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What we do

Object Recognition

Object Recognition and Classification

Classification, Detection & Segmentation.

Get to know how many objects are within an image, what specific type of objects are each of them, and even pixel wise information about their position and area. Classify, detect and segment the world in order to automatically know it better.

Object Tracking

Pixelabs Object Tracking

Track elements as they move.

Track people, animals or objects in a video as they move around frames, assigning them unique ID’s in order to know their behaviour, where do they come from and where are they heading, as well as their speed.

Facial Recognition

Pixelabs Facial Recognition

Recognition & Analysis.

Obtain relevant information related with people’s facial expressions, gender, age and emotions for your business such as customers or attendants to an event. Also, compare between faces and obtain their similarity to identify each of them.

Speech and text

Pixelabs Speech and Text

Speech to text, text to speech & Conversation.

Turning speech into text and vice-versa, we find new ways of interaction with virtual assistants (bots). It also helps to analyze conversations or texts in order to get insights about them in any business domain language.


Pixelabs Natural Language classification

Natural language comprehension and classification. Translation.

By understanding natural language thanks to machine learning it is possible to extract concepts, emotions, entities, intentions from any text. Also, it helps to create a text translation with human results. Conversational machine learning software allows creating extremely powerful tools.

Text Recognition

Pixelabs Text Recognition

OCR Technologies.

Thanks to deep learning techniques it’s easy to extract visible text within an image or to analyze it later. Recognize brand names, slogans, printed documents and other kinds of texts, and use it to process its position (detection), content (natural language processing) or reading it out loud (text to speech), among others.


Pixelabs Volumetrics

Depth perception cameras.

Through the use of advanced depth cameras and compact industrial computer boards, we offer the possibility of measuring the volume of an object with a fast and non-intrusive system, precise and reliable.

Machine Vision

Pixelabs Machine Vision

Most-rated industrial technology at your service.

Machine vision is a key factor to understand how to optimize automation in industrial environments, security and other environments such as logistics. 

Line scan and area scan industrial cameras, hyperspectral, 3d laser profiling and/or depth perception cameras,  in combination with industrial illumination and powerful software tools are your best allies to enhance your daily workflows.

Machine Learning

Pixelabs Machine Learning

Algorithms to understand data.

Machine learning algorithms offer the ability to understand any data generated by any system, in order to increasingly learn from them and therefore learning to make decisions and comprehending a business or a system, improving production flows, predictions, decisions making and data understanding.

Who we work with


Statistics, videos and reports together in one smart solution.

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We track, analyze and gather your brand performance in audiovisual environments. Brands invest a lot in advertising and sponsorship, but how can they assess the value, effectiveness and return on that investment?

We can track and gather most valuable insights and help you to measure them.


Are you aware of your ROI?

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Pixelabs will answer your questions, giving brands, marketing-advertising companies and media industry a powerful tool to assess and make more effective advertising and sponsorship investment. From public broadcasters to media-on-demand, consumers now have the power on their hands. Now, thanks to Artificial Intelligence we can measure what your public see and when. And we can bring you a valuable data for your business.


Optimization and automation of medical workflows.

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Medical image processing is a routine among hospital services.Nowadays it’s basically a manual process with a high rate of variability. We provide solutions based on deep learning and computer vision. Healthcare processes become easy and reliable thanks to precise technology, image management and processing solutions. Segmentation is the key technology that we use to build one automatic solution waiting for medical approval.

–    ROI’s dimension and scale.

–    Three-dimensional models.

–    Localization.


In one click.

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Enhance environments or situations to offer enriched experiences.With the help of advanced AR technology adding computer vision and object recognition the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive a digitally manipulable.


Maximizing your opperational efficiency.

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Nowadays, operational efficiency and processes’ quality control is a must in the logistics sector. Market trends, high competition and the evolution of new technologies push companies to improve their efficiency in order to meet the requirements of their partners and clients.

Artificial Intelligence is a key tool in order to improve all the processes from the preparation of orders to merchandise distribution.


Digital transformation.

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A competitive market and the economic environment pushes businesses to improve their development strategies and marketing campaigns in order to satisfy highly demanding customers. From the internal optimization workflow, marketing mix, and visual merchandising to the customer’s retail experience this sector is changing drastically day by day.

In this context, Artificial Intelligence as a tool can help your business to grow, applying it where you need it most.


Intelligent Industrial processes.

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Mechanical processes are the backbone of every industry. Automation makes the impossible possible. Robots and mechanical artifacts facilitate mass production with humans and machines working hand in hand.

We understand that all that processes must be agile and profitable. So, imagine now, what AI could do in combination with your industrial machinery. We can add a sixth sense to your automatized system thanks to computer vision, deep learning and other techniques.

Transport and Security

Smart Security.

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Security is a must in a globalized world. From prevention of occupational risks or logistics operations to mass transit security systems, intelligent computer vision systems offer a wide range of possibilities in order to fit the requirements of each environment. Pixelabs understands all factors that matter and provides a variety of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, such as the tracking of objects or people, as a perfect tool to improve your workflow or support security personnel and make smart decisions.

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