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Featured projects

We are working with Henkel improving their workflow when it comes to seal automation and internal labelling control for its products.

We’re reshaping new ways to measure and track sponsors’ exposure and advertising in MotoGP™ and FIM CEV Repsol applying computer vision and deep learning.

Applying artificial intelligence, we’re creating an innovative way to recycle with a powerful social impact.

We measured the sponsorship using our awarded product SyBA. We gathered all the raw data and charts for the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council.

Interested in how deep learning and machine vision can be applied to the biomedical field? OCSA facilitates the recognition and analysis of the porcine sperm cell’s motility and morphology.

A new case study will be available soon.

We’re working on building great solutions and integrating AI technologies in innovative ways. We’ll update more info soon.

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Object Recognition

Object Recognition and Classification

Classification, Detection & Segmentation.

Classify, detect and segment the world in order to automatically know it better.


Pixelabs Object Tracking

Track elements as they move.

Track objects in a video as they move around frames, assigning them unique ID’s to know  where do they come from and where are they heading, as well as their speed.

Facial Recognition

Pixelabs Facial Recognition

Recognition & Analysis.

Obtain relevant information related with people’s facial expressions, gender, age and emotions for your business such as customers or attendants to an event. Also, compare between faces and obtain their similarity to identify each of them.

Speech and text

Pixelabs Speech and Text

Speech to text, text to speech & Conversation.

Turning speech into text and vice-versa, we find new ways of interaction with virtual assistants (bots). It also helps to analyze conversations or texts in order to get insights about them in any business domain language.


Pixelabs Natural Language classification

Natural language comprehension and classification. Translation.

By understanding natural language thanks to machine learning it is possible to extract concepts, emotions, entities, intentions from any text. Conversational machine learning software allows creating extremely powerful tools, including translation.

Text Recognition

Pixelabs Text Recognition

OCR Technologies.

Recognize brand names, slogans, printed documents and other kinds of texts, and use it to process its position (detection), content (natural language processing) or reading it out loud (text to speech), among others.


Pixelabs Volumetrics

Depth perception cameras.

Through the use of advanced depth cameras and compact industrial computer boards, we offer the possibility of measuring the volume of an object with a fast and non-intrusive system, precise and reliable.

Machine Vision

Pixelabs Machine Vision

Most-rated industrial technology at your service.

Machine vision is a key factor to understand how to optimize automation in industrial environments. Industrial cameras, hyperspectral, 3d laser profiling and/or depth perception cameras, in combination with powerful software tools are your best allies to enhance your daily workflows.

Machine Learning

Pixelabs Machine Learning

Algorithms to understand data.

Machine learning algorithms offer the ability to understand any data generated by any system, in order to increasingly learn from them and therefore learning to make decisions and comprehending a business or a system, improving production flows, predictions, decisions making and data understanding.

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