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About Plant 4.0 and our contribution to improve on the current model

Plant 4.0 is an ambitious research and technological project, led by Ecoembes, which is currently in a very advanced pilot phase. The implementation of this type of technology in infrastructures of this size must be carried out gradually to ensure that all points in the chain function optimally.


Currently, in the plants, some processes are manual and laborious, especially at the point of entry into the plant, where the waste is measured and separated from the unwanted waste.

Our technology is based on an computer vision system, with several control points and specific precision cameras for this type of environment, which, by means of deep learning algorithms, are able to recognize and distinguish proper and improper waste according to the typology of the materials and the composition of the waste.

Thus, our differential value is the fundamental improvement over the current paradigm is the automation of processes so that all subsequent control points and the taking of statistics are performed with greater precision and agility, contributing significantly to the entire operation.


Circular Economy and goCircular Pass

We hope that our technology will serve as a benchmark in the sector; computer vision can be applied to many points in the process itself and to other chains without a doubt. It offers many possibilities and the best way is through innovation and seeing where extra value can be added.

New advances in waste management are currently growing and the digitization of processes is becoming very important, not only because of the direct positive impact on the environment but also because of the optimization of the process itself.


Thanks to the collaborative work we have been doing together with The Circular Lab, Ecoembes’ open innovation center, and the development of our system, which seeks, together with other innovations and agents in the sector, to accelerate the transition processes towards a circular economy model, we have been candidates to obtain the goCircular Pass badge.

Open lines of collaboration with Ecoembes / TCL – Plant 4.0 and Circular Economy.


At Pixelabs, we collaborate in the development of solutions and products based on artificial intelligence and computer vision with Ecoembes.

Our contribution to the improvement of waste treatment goes in two lines, the end user with specific tools to raise awareness in recycling and in the case of plant 4.0 in the operation itself, infrastructure and processes.

Being able to participate in a circular economy project was novel for us, but the potential of our solutions makes it possible for us to apply them in this area.

Computer vision, one of our specializations, is a solution with a lot of applicability in the process of digitization in the circular economy.


Pead materials. Photo by Ecoembes.


At the selection plant. Photo by Ecoembes

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