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Pixelabs has created a custom NLP system for Sercómex Sense, where conversations are transcribed and analyzed, extracting KPIS automatically

Key technologies:

Natural Language Processing

Deep Learning

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Pixelabs has developed Sercómex Sense’s custom NLP system, an innovative solution by Sercómex Pharma, a company specializing in commercial promotion programs based on omnichannel remote medical visits. Sercómex Sense allows “to collect interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs) to build an exhaustive and unbiased analysis of their preferences, to improve decision making” [1].

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The natural language processing (NLP) system is capable of transcribing and processing the calls made by remote medical visitors to healthcare professionals, always preserving privacy and anonymity, to comply with all data security standards. It facilitates not only the task of classifying each call according to the visit (remote medical visit or RMV). It is also capable of extracting and analyzing conversation data by subject and category and collecting statistical data among other indicators within large databases. Thus, while maintaining the quality of the visit, the management of agendas is improved and the product is suitable for all health professionals, whether they are digital natives or prefer classic communication channels (as it could be, the preference of a phone call over a videoconference). Sercómex Sense is a positive revolution for the sector.

Main features of the solution:

  • Integration of feedback from healthcare professionals.
  • Objective and preference analysis.
  • Optimized omnichannel thanks to better adherence to programs and interactions.
  • Constant improvement proposals thanks to a real NBA.
  • Anticipation of behavioral patterns.

Sercomex Pharma is an expert company managing omnichannel remote medical visit programs through non-face-to-face channels. Its highly specialized team develops promotional programs for the pharmaceutical sector and contacts hundreds of professionals daily. Sercómex Pharma is committed to hyper-personalization and to offering an optimized omnichannel experience. Sense is its star product. It is easy to deploy and offers immediate results.


Automation and models

Pixelabs has created a custom NLP system for Sercómex Sense, where conversations are analyzed, extracting KPIS automatically. The AI models (personalized algorithms) improve the results to adapt them to the diferent promotional programs, to define the next best action (NBA). The system processes the calls and a list of concepts of interest within the business domain. The client can use online platform to consult the aggregated and disaggregated data through graphs and download personalized reports.

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