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Interested in how deep learning and computer vision can be applied to the biomedical field?  We have been working together with KUBUS for some months to take AI technologies to the next level.


KUBUS is a Spanish biotechnology company, pioneer and leader in the market of diluents, and supplier of consumables, equipment for Artificial Insemination of Animals. The company was established in February 1986 and since its foundation it has exported its products to more than 50 countries worldwide.


We’re happy to announce the first release of OCSA, our software built with state-of-the-art computer vision and tracking tech. OCSA facilitates the recognition and analysis of the porcine sperm cell’s motility and morphology. KUBUS now understands how to improve their samples and they are going to be able to advise their customers around the world based on a reliable tool.


We keep on moving forward, we keep on innovating.

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Pixelabs Biomed Kubus Sample

Screenshot. Porcine sperm cells tracking.

Pixelabs Kubus Case Study

OCSA software on computer screen.

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