The first IoT-based sleep apnea diagnosis device.

Madrid, 14 January 2021



Netsensing Technology (hereinafter Netsensing) and Pixelabs are developing HSATPro, the first low-cost, easy-to-use, IoT-based, tubeless and wireless sleep apnea diagnosis device with innovative, precision sensors and algorithms thanks to DIGI-B-Cube Project.


Netsensing and Pixelabs hope to bring a competitive solution to the market and accessible to citizens and patients who need to diagnose or treat apnea with an affordable device. HSATPro advances the diagnosis of sleep apnea Measuring diaphragm & thorax respirations, heartbeat, body position, and oxygen saturation ensures accurate identification of the type of apnea.  To get our models ready, it is needed to design and develop an AI framework. This framework will be ready to build predictive models and insight extraction models based on machine learning.


Some key features will allow AI to make predictions including:


Efficiency of treatment.

Today, the measurements of the efficiency of sleep apnea treatment (CPAP and Mandibular Orthosis), is done qualitatively.

Our device can measure it quantitatively and the goal of AI is to predict for the future if the treatment must be adapted or not for each specific patient, therefore improving the quality of treatment.


Pregnant women diagnosis to prevent pretem births.

Mom’s sleep apnea is a major cause of preterm births.

Ideally, a mom must check her sleep apnea severity weekly. Today, because of delays and costs, it is not possible.

The goal of AI is to predict for the future if her apnea would increase, which puts at risk her on-term pregnancy, and also to prepare and adapt the treatment.


Anxiety treatment

Anxiety is very linked to non-chronic sleep apnea. In this case, AI is meant to predict the right balance between Benzodiazepine doses and the level of sleep apnea.



Pixelabs logo emblema UE


“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 7702”.

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