Pixelabs Netsensing Digi B Cube

HSATPro receives funding from Digi-B-Cube Project.

Madrid, 5 November 2020 “HSATPro receives funding from Digi-B-Cube Project, funded under the Eurpean Union’s Horizon 2020 program”   HSATPro The first low-cost and easy-to-use apnea diagnosis device.   Netsensing Technology (hereinafter Netsensing) and Pixelabs are developing HSATPro, the first low-cost, easy-to-use, IoT-based, tubeless and wireless sleep apnea diagnosis device with innovative, precision sensors and algorithms thanks to DIGI-B-Cube Project.   Apnea when not treated increases the chances of cardiovascular disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, reducing life expectancy by an average 12 years. 749M people with sleep apnea remain undiagnosed because of the high cost and long waiting periods. Currently, the waiting period is 1 year, with associated costs of €1,500/patient. In the EU and the US, insurance reimbursement is below € 150.   Netsensing and Pixelabs hope to bring a competitive solution to the market and accessible to citizens and patients who need to diagnose or treat apnea with and affordable device . HSATPro advances the diagnosis of...

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Pixelabs Salud en Evolución

Natural Language Processing to understand people’s state of mind.

Throughout this week, we have been telling you on social media about the Pfizer Foundation's SaludEnEvolución initiative. Today, we give you the third video of the series presented by Luis Quevedo, in which we are featured.     Artificial intelligence offers many possibilities to innovate in fields like healthcare. One of the most advanced technologies is Natural Language Processing, which allows you to not only extract the number of words in a conversation but also to interpret the people's state of mind. Interested in this technology? Contact us. Let's talk!     You can also visit the Pfizer Foundation's Youtube channel or their website!     [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cht4Q9jz0Xo[/embed]  ...

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Pixelabs Press Clipping 2019

2019 Press Clippings

New projects and opportunities are emerging despite the uncertainty that surrounds us. Perseverance and tenacity help us to continue 100% with all our projects and new challenges. We remain operational and remote. In this post, we leave you with a compilation of our press clippings with some of the most relevant events in which we participated in 2019. We had the opportunity to be at The Hop and be one of the 12 selected companies: https://www.eleconomista.es/gestion-empresarial/noticias/10170417/10/19/Estrella-Galicia-selecciona-a-las-12-startups-que-optan-a-participar-en-su-aceleradora.html   We won the third edition of the edeaSalud awards, organized by the Pfizer Foundation: Read the press release. http://www.anisalud.com/actualidad/notas-de-prensa-anis/5039-fundaci%C3%B3n-pfizer-y-parc-taul%C3%AD-premian-un-proyecto-que-analiza-y-eval%C3%BAa-las-opiniones-y-expectativas-de-los-usuarios-del-hospital-mediante-tecnolog%C3%ADas-de-inteligencia-artificial   And we were awarded the Premio Mercurio Innovación: https://www.europapress.es/la-rioja/noticia-arsys-juan-jose-casorran-fernando-saenz-pixelabs-jose-luis-marin-premios-mercurio-2019-20190613131859.html   Keep moving forward, keep innovating.    ...

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100% Digital Pixelabs

100% operational, 100% digital

A month ago, we wrote our post "An extra bit of energy and efficiency." It's been 9 weeks since we started working remotely due to the COVID-19 situation. Our team is still 100% operational, making us a 100% digital company.   As we were saying, we are very happy to continue working remotely each day. We stay on top of our projects and continue to work side by side with our clients. Also, we want to thank them for their energy and willingness to maintain fluid and functional communication both at national and international levels.   If you have any questions, please let us know! ...

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An extra bit of energy and efficiency

We have been 100% fully functional working remotely for 3 weeks now.   These are difficult times requiring extra concentration and enthusiasm from the whole team, so we are very happy to continue working on a daily basis. We are staying on top of our projects and working side by side with our clients. Also, we want to thank them for their energy and willingness to maintain fluid and functional communication both at national and international levels.   If you have any questions, you can write to us at info@pixelabs.es ...

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Keeping all channels of communication open

Here at Pixelabs, we’re completely organized so that we can continue to work on all our projects, and we’re keeping all channels of communication open so that we can face these day-to-day challenges.    The global situation regarding Covid-19 has led our team to put all its resources into working remotely. Nothing new for us, since we’ve already done this many times before.   We continue to work 100% remotely, and even if we are not in the office during these two weeks, we have the technological and digital resources to continue our normal activities.   If you have any questions, you can write to us at info@pixelabs.es     ...

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e-Dea Salud 2019 Pixelabs

e-Dea Salud 2019 Video Summary

Our proposal was the winner of the third edition of the e-Dea Salud 2019, organized by the Pfizer Foundation! Check out this summary: "On September 25, 2019, the Pfizer Foundation held the E-dea Health 2019 Challenge awards ceremony. The proposal of the Pixelabs startup was chosen as the winner of the third edition of the e-Dea Salud Challenge, organized by the Pfizer Foundation in collaboration with the Consorci Corporación Sanitaria Parc Taulí de Sabadell (Barcelona) and the Richi Foundation. The winning project is based on AI technologies that allow the analysis and evaluation of the opinions and expectations of the users of the Hospital, both patients and their companions". - https://www.fundacionpfizer.org/entrega-premios-e-dea-salud-2019   https://youtu.be/kM6iDJrAOtY  ...

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2019, What a year!

This year we’ve been very busy, not only working on day-to-day projects but also participating in numerous events. We’ve been connecting with new clients, and we’ve also won two prizes this year.  We had the opportunity to do a teambuilding during which the whole team was able to take a break, enjoy nature, and recharge their batteries in a unique spot.  We’re very grateful to have been the winners of the e-Dea Salud 2019 award sponsored by the Pfizer Foundation and Hospital Parc Tauli and to have been selected for the Premio Mercurio Innovación organized by the Club de Marketing de La Rioja.  Our pilot built in the IBM Watson Challenge is now on the IBM case studies page. Our solution made an impact and has thus far been received with great enthusiasm, which gives us a lot of energy to continue developing this project, as well as all the others.  After the trip...

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The Hop by Estrella Galicia.

[Updated 21th November] Pixelabs was in the final round of the 2nd Edition of The Hop, by Estrella Galicia Very happy and grateful for these 2 days along with @SomosTheHop We're just one step away from being one of the selected startups! Congratulations to the winners of this second edition!     [Original 31th October] We'll present our pitch on November 6th!     [caption id="attachment_4016" align="alignnone" width="1024"] TheHop Website Screenshot[/caption]   “TheHop is a collaborative entrepreneurship program. In other words, a formula for StartUps to be part of an ecosystem that drives them to grow with our company.” In this edition of The Hop has selected 6 technological-digital startups in the growth phase that incorporate new tools and business models into our value chain. They will also place special emphasis on ensuring that the projects selected have a clear social or environmental impact and contribute to improving people's lives, in line with the objectives of the century (ODS). Press release:  https://www.corporacionhijosderivera.com/notas_de_prensa.php?ver=734-the-hop-anuncia-las-12-startups-finalistas-que-optan-a-su-programa-de-aceleracion.html    Around the web: El Referente El Economista        ...

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Richi Entrepreneurs 2019 Pixelabs

Richi Entrepreneurs 2019 Edition.

Our proposal was the winner of the third edition of the e-Dea Salud 2019, organized by the Pfizer Foundation.   As the challenge winner, we have the opportunity of being part of the Richi Foundation immersion program, “which provides the best life sciences and cleantech companies from around the world with key resources and access to Boston’s advanced innovation ecosystem.”   We had an incredible week with great investors, market players, advisors, industry experts, and private & public institutions. During the program, all startups worked with an intern, a student from a Boston-based organization, who will support each business during the following 8 weeks with market research, outreach, and business model validation in the US. Also, we attended a workshop on the subject of operations and dealmaking. It was a very informative session. We learned a lot about the resources and programs available for startups in the US.   Richi Entrepreneurs 2019     [caption id="attachment_3986" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Networking sessions @...

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