Pixelabs wins e-Dea Salud 2019 Challenge

Our proposal is the winner of the third edition of the e-Dea Salud 2019, organized by the Pfizer Foundation.     The solution: An AI system to collect data, opinions, and expectations from users and patients, through voice messages, phone calls or and app.   "Being part of the challenge has been a very enriching experience for us. Above all, the immersion in the Parc Taulí Hospital, which allowed us to understand the day-to-day life of the patients and to land the initial proposal and develop a solution that adapts to the needs of the patient and that allows the hospital to manage its opinions and suggestions easily so as to be able to react in a more effective way", explained Carlos Sangüesa.    As the challenge winner, we have the opportunity of be part of the Richi Foundation immersion program, “which provides the best life sciences and cleantech companies from around the world with key resources...

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IBM Watson Build Challenge. Pixelabs.

IBM Watson Build Challenge.

Business challenge: To create an AI offering designed to help egg farms in Spain streamline a labor-intensive process, Pixelabs needed sophisticated object recognition technology and a supportive ecosystem.   Transformation: Participating in the Watson Build challenge, IBM Business Partner Pixelabs created a prototype designed to transform a time-consuming process for Spain’s egg farmers. Using an IBM® Watson® model trained to analyze images, the startup will launch an AI offering to help improve the speed and accuracy of cracked-egg detection while also driving down costs.   About Deteggtor: Deteggtor is solution to detect broken eggs. Egg farms process, package and sell hundreds of eggs per day on a daily basis. One of their main concerns about quality and food safety are based on cracked egg detection. Based on that we propose to take advantage of Watson Visual Recognition in order to help these farms to make sure they are complying with the industry regulations. After a long investigation process, we came up with a system capable to outperform current employees in this task. This way,...

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Pixelabs Premio Mercurio Innovación

Premio Mercurio Innovación – Award.

On June 28th we received the Premio Mercurio Innovación Award. La Rioja's Marketing Club presented this award in a gala with more than 200 guests. As a company that works on innovation day by day, we are very happy to have been awarded. It's a reason to celebrate and an impulse to handle new challenges. El Club de Marketing La Rioja is an association of businessmen and executives with more than 40 years of history, a benchmark in La Rioja. More than 500 companies currently belong to the club. Our relationship with La Rioja is very special: we have an office located in Logroño and one of our co-founders is from there. We are very happy to be part of this community, not only because of our partnerships with other companies but also because we have the chance to contribute with our technology to the digital transformation of the companies in the region. Read...

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IBM - Pixelabs Webinar

IBM Watson – Pixelabs Webinar.

  In this Webinar, Javier Villarreal will briefly present the solutions that IBM has for the food sector. Pixelabs will explain several cases studies they have developed for the sector, using IBM Watson Visual Recognition and IBM Cloud Services. We will discover, for example, how to use artificial vision to ensure that the entire packaged product is correct, and discard it in case of failure. Also, we will talk about our prototype Deteggtor: an innovative tool to transform a labor-intensive process for egg farms.  It has been a great opportunity to take part in this session. And both Javier and Ángeles Carmona helped us to make it possible.  Computer Vision Applied to Food Sector (Visión Artificial aplicada al sector agroalimentario)   [caption id="attachment_3931" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] IBM - Pixelabs Webinar. Making AI Easy.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3930" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] IBM - Pixelabs Webinar. Javier Villareal, Mario Conejos, Ángeles Carmona y Carlos Sangüesa.[/caption]...

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New year, new challenges - Pixelabs

New year, new challenges.

AI Powered Value. Pixelabs is a tech company based on innovation. Our field of action is Artificial Intelligence. Through this technology and its different applications, we provide added value to each of our clients, solving their specific needs.  Our company boasts a young and multidisciplinary profile, with 30 being the average age within the company. This young profile makes Pixelabs dynamic, agile and adaptable to new challenges. Likewise, part of the philosophy of Pixelabs is to trust and support innovation and emerging knowledge; to do this, it relies on partners with whom it collaborates and actively participates, such as universities, since they have the most cutting-edge knowledge as well as resources and specialized talent.  Building great solutions and integrating AI technologies is a complex process and our team is working day by day to take on every new project and challenge.   ...

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